“The gift to see oursels’ as others see us” Robert Burns

The thought provoking quote from the famous Scottish bard was used to set the scene for an important lesson in self awareness. Whether the boys move on to college or into employment it is our aim to provide them with the essential skills to get them where they want to go.

As part of our skills for work training the pupils were introduced to the concept of employment references’. The course explained how these are used by employers to make decisions about who would be best suited to the position.

The boys were then tasked to complete a standard reference form about themselves. While the teachers were tasked with writing a reference for the boys. This simple exercise allowed the boys to gain an understanding of not only the purpose of a reference but also how to write one.

At the end of the lesson the two references were compared which allowed for the boys to see areas where they needed to develop. From this information activities have been designed for each pupil to strengthen their employment skills.