Our boys join the Tayside Mountain Rescue Team for the day

This term the boys have been learning a variety of life skills, which were put to the test on December 2nd when they temporarily joined the Tayside Mountain Rescue Team.

Falkland H Boys

Helping on a search and rescue exercise, the boys put to use their knowledge of emergency first aid, navigation and technical rope work, demonstrating terrific teamwork and perseverance. The project has contributed to the delivery of a number of literacy and numeracy experiences and outcomes for the younger pupils, and has allowed the senior pupils to develop team and group working skills in a challenging and unfamiliar context.

The Medical Officer for Tayside Mountain Rescue said: “The day was a brilliant success and it was great to see the boys put to use the skills they had learned throughout the term. They were all up for the challenge and provided a useful addition to the Tayside Mountain Rescue Team”.