Restoration Grant Awarded

The Falkland Centre for Stewardship has been awarded a grant to restore a disused Victorian mill pond located in Drumdreel Wood and the natural heritage in the surrounding area on Falkland Estate. Drumdreel Wood is an antique wood, which is managed as part of Falkland Estate. During the period 1830-1850 a saw mill was erected in the middle of the wood to assist with the harvesting and preparation of timber. The mill has been out of use since 1890.

Young people from Falkland House School together with the local community will reinstate the long disused pond. They will work with local history societies to research the history of the pond, conducting oral history interviews with people in the local community. They will complete biodiversity surveys of the site and will work with Fife Council’s archaeologist to understand the former purpose and workings of the saw mill and its mill pond. The group will work with local traditional crafts people to learn how to source coppice, weave willow and work with timber. Following the reinstatement of the pond, the group will redevelop the natural environment surrounding the pond by planting native shrubs, trees and wildflowers and by creating bat and bird boxes, hibernacula for newts and other safe refuges to attract wildlife. The group will finally work with designers to interpret their findings and produce leaflets and other promotional and educational materials. The entire project will be filmed and made into a DVD upon completion.