Luca’s performance in ‘Calamity Jane’

Luca, Falkland House School’s very own star of the stage, appeared in Cupar Youth Theatre’s production of ‘Calamity Jane’ last month.

The show was a huge success and Luca earned lots of compliments for his performance as the singing and dancing bartender, Joe.

From a very young age Luca has had one very clear ambition –  to be a voice actor. So he took some steps towards achieving this by joining the local Theatre Group. He was hoping to get some tips and learn a few techniques. He certainly wasn’t expecting to almost immediately audition for a big stage production and get a part in it.

Despite some initial reservations, Luca threw himself into his role. He thoroughly enjoyed attending rehearsals and, what’s more, he learned a lot and made new friends along the way.

What a fantastic achievement for a young man who is aiming for a career as a more ‘invisible’ performer! You must be very proud, Luca. We certainly are!