Joe among the chickens

The Pillars of Hercules Farm had a new member of staff last term, in the form of third year student Joe Reid. Joe joined the farm team for one afternoon a week and helped look after the hens, got involved in planting and helped with various tasks involved in running the farm and shop. After his placement, Joe wrote an article about his experience, which will count towards his English National 3 qualification.

The Pillars of Hercules is an organic farm in Falkland Fife. The organic farm was started in 1983. It was started as a very small farm and is now over 14 acres of land. As well as a farm there is also a cafe and a shop. As a part of our electives programme I had a placement there, I did lots of work while I was there, I collected the chickens eggs they produce around 250 per day. Then the eggs had to be cleaned and graded into sizes. I also had the opportunity to plant vegetables and I collected the compost. I also helped to stock the shelves in the shop. It was very hard work and good real life experience, I really enjoyed it!