FHS pupils lead the way on Living Wage

Falkland House School has joined the growing number of accredited Living Wage employers in Scotland. The idea initially came from the Pupil’s Council. MSP Annabelle Ewing dropped in to the school at the end of January to speak to some of the boys involved in the campaign and to praise them for their initiative. The Pupil’s Council, which gives the boys a say in the running of their school, is now planning to write to all the school’s suppliers to encourage them to follow in FHS’s footsteps. That’s Pupil Power!

Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance, said:

“Congratulations to Falkland House School on becoming an accredited Living Wage employer, and congratulations to the pupils who campaigned for this to happen.

“It is great to see young people leading the way on the Living Wage, and being able to make a positive change to the lives of others.

“We hope that other young people will be inspired by the success of these pupils, and will replicate this campaign in their own schools.”

Stuart Jacob, Director of Falkland House School, said:

“It’s heartening that pupils can research an issue like poverty in Social Studies and have the conviction to campaign for change in the way they did, using the proper channels to bring it to fruition.”

Lewis B. (4th year pupil), said:

“We are encouraged to use the Pupil Council to make our lives in school better. Social Subjects help us think about the lives of others.  Here we brought these two things together to hopefully make a difference to the lives of people who work hard to support and care for us at Falkland House School.”

Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment Annabelle Ewing said:

“Falkland House School does fantastic work, supporting the needs of each and every one of the boys who attend.  Having spent some time with their pupils last year, I am not surprised that they have used their initiative to propel the school towards Living Wage accreditation.

“Uniquely, they are now the only Scottish school outwith local authority control to be accredited and I wish them well in encouraging their suppliers towards accreditation.”