10 Questions for Ruairidh

Ruairidh has been a pupil at Falkland House School for four years. He is now in the process of planning for life after FHS and is attending the NC Creative Industries: Access to Computer Games, Web Development and Animation Course at Fife College – Halbeath Campus. The transition from school to college can be a challenging one. We asked him about the experience and how he is adjusting to this new environment:

1. How did you feel going into your college interview?
R: I felt good. I was confident and I knew lots about the course.

2. What was the most difficult question they asked you?
R: Probably the bit where I had to say what skills I had for the course.

3. How did you feel when it was over? 
R: I was relieved and happy. I thought I had done well. 

4. How long did you wait for the result?
R: It was about a week and it was a bit nerve-wracking.

5. What was it like to get on to the course?                            
R: It felt absolutely amazing. I have been interested in games all my life.

6. What did you feel when you went to start your first class? 
R: I had butterflies in my stomach. I was still really nervous about it.

7. How long did that last? 
R: Just as soon as the class started, I was fine.

8. What are your fellow students like? 
R: They are a pretty nice and caring group: really friendly and ready to help out at any time.

9. How are you managing the studying?    
R: Really good. I suppose I’m a bit slow but I get there. In my first exam I got 99%.

10. Will you stop at NC or go on to higher things?  
R: Probably higher things. I want to be a sound producer so I’ll need to look at NC Sound Production in Edinburgh.